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General practitioners

The primary care practitioners have a key role in the prevention and early detection of skin cancers and melanomas. Making the difference between a benign atypical pigmented lesion and an early stage melanoma is sometimes difficult without a specific background and training.

With DermoSafe you can offer more and provide an improved service to your patients

  • Better triage and prioritisation of the benign and malignant cases.
  • Possibility to identify melanomas and other skin cancers at an earlier stage within your practice office.
  • Easier referral process and improved waiting time for confirmed suspicious cases.
  • Analysis and quick feedback in less than 3 days from our dermoscopy specialists.
  • Benefit from dermoscopy expertise in order to reduce the risk of excision of benign cases.


We propose several products and services. Ask for more details about terms and conditions and receive a tailored proposal within 24 hours.

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The dermatologists play a crucial role in the DermoSafe concept because all patients with lesions identified as suspect or malignant are referred to a dermatologist. The patient have access to the list of dermatologists who are close to his location and available.

The dermatologists who are partners and have a free account on DermoView benefit of an access to the images and anonymous patient's data regarding the suspicious cases, enabling them to manage the priorities.