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DermoSafe SA is a swiss company. Its aim is to bring innovative products and services for the early detection of melanoma and management. It was founded by Philippe Held in November 2012, after having been granted with the Axa Innovation Award 2012.

Philippe Held in.png

CEO and Founder

Philippe Held is the company founder and in charge of the company management.

Philippe holds a degree in electroctechnics from the HES Yverdon Switzerland as well as a postgrade in management from the Union Technique Suisse (UTS).
His career includes:

  • 7 years in consulting engineering
  • 12 years in the RFID sector for an international company as Product manager and BU director
  • 3 years as founder and director of Go4S Sàrl

Philippe has an engineering background with management skills and more than 20 years of experience in consulting, product management, and international business development.

Philippe Schmid, PhD, MBA in.png

Scientific Advisor

Philippe Schmid is an expert in image processing for medical devices. One of his main research field is the computer-aided diagnosis of skin cancer. He is author or co-author of numerous articles and patents.

He holds a PhD of the Signal Processing Laboratory (LTS) of EPFL (Lausanne Switzerland), as well as a MBA of HEC Lausanne

Prof. G. Argenziano, MD PhD in.png

Medical Advisor & coordinator

Top international renowned expert in skin cancer and dermoscopy. His main research field is dermato-oncology and, particularly, melanoma diagnosis and the development of more accurate methods for the early recognition of skin cancer.

  • Leading the Skin Cancer Unit in Reggio Emilia (I)
  • Associate Professor of Dermatology at the Department of Dermatology University Naples
  • President of the International Dermoscopy Society

He is the author of numerous scientific articles and books concerning dermoscopy, a new technique improving detection of benign and malignant skin tumors by clinicians. More than 340 articles and more than 210 abstracts published. Editor, author or co-author in more than 30 books.

Kim Rochat in.png

Quality & Regulatory Director

Kim Rochat has a broad experience in  project management in the field of medical device manufacturing, information technologies and business development. He is a specialist in quality system and regulatory for medical application and management of medical sensitive personnel data. Kim holds a Master MBA in Information security Management, Medical informatics, Economist HES, and a diploma in mastering data.

His experience includes:

  • 10 years in various positions and top management team in an international company manufacturing medical devices
  • 5 years as partner and founder of a company active in the field of medical certification

Thierry Weber, MD in.png


Thierry Weber is in charge of the company’s marketing strategy, as well as medical affairs.
Thierry holds a degree and a doctorate in Medicine from the University of Lausanne, Switzerland.
His career includes:

  • 5 years of clinical practice in various hospitals / clinics in Switzerland and South Africa
  • 7 years in the healthcare industry (pharma and medtech)
  • 7 years as an independent medical marketing consultant

Thierry’s experience in the healthcare industry ranges from product management, healthcare strategic marketing and medical marketing. Thierry is a faculty member of Lausanne University (Business School (HEC) Healthcare MBA).

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